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Green tea and its vast health benefits.

Should you replace your morning cup of coffee with a green tea? We think so.

Green tea is a great combination of L-theanine and caffeine, holding a slew of claimed medical benefits:

* Symbiotic relationship between Caffeine and L-theanine, giving a clear and calm alertness, reducing anxiety and high blood pressure coming with Caffeine use

* Can help with weight loss- powerful anti-oxidant properties

* Has potential life prolonging benefits, in this Japanese study, it was found that those who drink green team often were statistically 76% less-prone or expected to die within the following six year period

* Assists with Sleep, Depression and Anxiety and boosts Serotonin and Dopamine production in the body

* Potentially helpful for Schizophrenia and ADHD conditions

Remember to drink your cup of green team on a lined or full stomach to avoid any uncomfortability. I prefer to drink mine with boiling water, left to cool, but many derivatives can typically be found off the shelf, including infusions with mint, and other herbs. You can also consider adding a bit of honey in to break some of the bitterness.

I have personally found so much benefit to green tea, the clean alertness it gives and the great antioxidant properties to pull my mind out of a funk after a weekend of over-indulging, or whatever the case may be.

Dosages are not standardized, and recommendations upwards of 100mg is suggested. As always, we suggest doing your research and due diligence. Be aware that green and black tea has theanine in it, and both is sourced from Camellia sinensis Note that black tea is said to contain higher doses of Theanine but to get a daily dose only with tea will prove difficult, especially should you be predisposed to any of the conditions mentioned above. It is a healthy and life-enhancing tea to introduce into your life.

Please note, I am not a registered doctor, this article speaks to my experience, research and findings, but I ask that you do your own studies. I will personally not add anything on my blog I am not sure works, at least for me. :)

Please do your research and do not take these medicines in place of a official doctors diagnosis and prescription and consult with a doctor for any potential contraindications.

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