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Setting up a Cardano wallet

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Setting up a Cardano wallet, to start interacting with the Cardano Blockchain, or simply want to move your $ADA to your own wallet?

This guide will help you setup a popular wallet in the Cardano ecosystem, which works well with the likes of Dripdropz, or Sundaeswap.

Before we start, note that I have no affiliation with Cardano, nor the Wallet, Nami I am installing as part of this tutorial.

Nami wallet works in Chrome, Brave or Edge browsers. For the purposes of this demo, I am installing this on a Chromebook, however the experience is virtually the same when using MacOS, or Windows.

Nami wallet can be found in Chrome extensions, simply add it to chrome.

Once you've added it to Chrome, you'll see it show up as part of your Extensions.

Once you see it, open it up, and create a new wallet. Accept the terms of use and continue.

Save your seed phrase. You will need it later, so store it in a safe and resilient place for later use.

Confirm your Seed, by filling in the blank words and continue.

Set your account name, and password for use with this installation of your wallet.

And you're all set. Be sure to choose a password you'll remember.

This is something I do for fun, teaching others. This information is intended to be presented "as is" and solely for the user who accepts full responsibility for its use.

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