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Stacks wallet creation

In this tutorial, we will create a Stacks wallet for ourselves.

Before we get started, I have to disclaim that I am not affiliated with, nor providing endorsement for Alexgo, or $STX through this article. It is merely a education piece. 
Okay, with that said, let's get going.

With that said, let's jump in and set up a $STX wallet.

We'll use Hiro wallet for this tutorial.

Find Hiro on either Firefox or Chrome Add-on/ Extensions section.

For my example, I use windows 10, but there will be virtually no difference in using Mac, Ubuntu, or ChromeOS as an alternative.

Once you've located Hiro Wallet, add it to your browser.

You'd likely get another popup such as this one, and just choose "Add".

Once done, you'll proceed to the Hiro setup.

"Alllow, or "Deny" any potential prompts.

And, create your wallet.

Select "Create new wallet" and Backup your keys.

Set a strong password.

And now, you're all set with a wallet. Open it from within your browser whenever needed.

I recommend backing up the Secret key, and storing it in a safe space. If you lose your keys, you lose your wallet. Always remember this.

All right, now that we've set up Hiro wallet, it's ready to use, and receive funds.

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