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The olive tree and general health

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

How the olive tree can help you heal.

Olives have been used by humans since 3150 to 1200 BC or earlier. Medicinally, the Olive tree carries a lot of health benefits and have resulted in studies in the Mediterranean diet, notoriously heavy in olive products.

Olives are rumored to help with energy levels, high blood pressure, as a Anti-microbial/bacterial/viral and fungal.

To start my story off, I'll take you about 10 years back. I had just been diagnosed with chronic Q-fever after a slew of blood tests, a foray into all sorts of vitamins and lethargy, lasting upwards of a year. Under scans it was revealed that I had a few parallel lines of scarring on my lung and that's when I was prescribed six months worth of antibiotics, and being told to chronically take vitamin d3.

Never one to sit down and just take something at face value, I decided to do some digging into Q-fever, the antibiotics and other ways I could boost my Immune system. I ended up stopping my medication due to the cost, the severe side-effects in terms of bone density reduction and so forth, 3 months in, and started looking into alternative medicine.

Two products I found was olive leaf extract and colloidal silver liquid.

After reading up on some horrible side effects of colloidal silver, (like turning you blue!!) Colloidal silver in very big doses can literally turn you blue, irreversibly. Damn!

That's not to say that I haven't had copious doses of colloidal silver up to that point already. I just did not anticipate the benefits to trump the potential risk of bombarding my body with silver. It is a sworn working alternate medicine, and I'll perhaps do a topic on it in the future.

Well, let's explore the olive tree.


A quick search on the National Library of Medicine, or a google search on a reputable site will show evidence of studies and other initiatives to highlight the benefit of olive leaf extract.

After my Q-fever diagnosis, I started taking it religiously, and after a year retested myself, being confirmed as clear from Q-fever. This was my introduction to this plant, and the application of the leaves of the olive tree.

After my diagnosis and confirmed of being free of Q-fever, I continued taking Olive leaf extract as soon as I became sick with flu, or other respiratory infections. From there on in my experience being ill were as follows: I end up getting sick, take my amount of olive leaf extract. It gives me energy naturally and helps you detoxify, which helps the healing process . Its that, and it left me feeling right as rain, three days after getting sick typically(taking liberties with the dosing I must admit, since I really do push the boundaries and frequency of what a prescribed dose should be).

I buy into the hype personally, and following are some properties of oleiropein, which is one of the active ingredients extracted from the leaves of the olive tree, which is in high concentration in the olive leaves and in a very low concentration in the fruit and oil.

Olive leaf extract, with the main compound, but not the only one being oleiropein has been found to be an effective antiviral, antifungal, antimicrobial and anti parasitic supplement which has been shown as effective in treating a wide variety of infections.

The active ingredients lowers blood pressure, helps treat type 2 diabetes, boosts the immune system, detoxifies the body and reduces inflammation.

Finally, it generally is said to protect many of the bodies systems and offer some protection from cancer.

Olive leaf extract is one of the few incredibly versatile herb extracts you can actually feel working in your body. It has improved my quality of life, and might do the same for you.

If we turn our gaze to people adhering to the Mediterranean diet. These people have long been looked at for their great quality of life and lower severity of illness.

Olive leaf extract can be found in Tablet and Tincture form. I personally prefer the Tincture, since for me it seems to work faster and more effectively.

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