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Vitamin D or is it a vitamin? And the vast medical benefits.

Vitamin D is a multi-purpose, much needed of education, etc. is vital for healthy body functioning and assists with some of the major causes of death the world is facing in 2021 and prior.

We all know that vitamin D is typically obtained by exposure to sunlight, but how do you know that you have received a sufficient amount? Do you get sick often and have struggles healing, face depression/anxiety as well as lethargy, heal slowly from bruises and scratches? You could have a vitamin D deficiency. Consult with a doctor to conduct a test to confirm.

We know vitamin D is involved in a few bodily functions, but most are typically only scratching the surface.

Here's a few claimed benefits of Vitamin D, the vitamin so much of the world simply does not have enough of.

* Bone/heart health

* Cancer risk reduction for certain types of cancer

* Mental health- mitigates depression and anxiety

* Reduces risk of Diabetes

* Improves bo0ne health

* Boost your weight loss

* Helps boost your immune system to fight off disease

* Helps with osteoporosis, Strokes and auto-immune disorders

The mental benefits is of particular interests as we see typically, colder and less sun-prone countries face a higher level of depression than the median. This could very well at least in part be attributed to the D vitamin.

Vitamin D is also an absolute requirement for proper calcium absorption.

It's not a vitamin though, and more so a hormone which is, when taken orally as a D3 or D2 supplement absorbed predominantly in the small intestines.

The general mal-nutrition when it comes to vitamin D and it's food related derivatives, D3 or the cheaper, less effective D2 vitamins is very prevalent:

* It is estimated that approximately 70% of the world can be considered as deficient in Vitamin D.

* It is also estimated that up to 10% of the world is severely deficient in the vitamin.

While dosages on Vitamin D is all over the place in terms of who makes the suggestion, with as little as 600 and upwards of a 1000 IU being prescribed, depending who you speak to. I would suggest as the best course of action to confirm with your doctor, and set up follow up tests to confirm the efficacy of the dose.

Please note, I am not a registered doctor, this article speaks to my experience, research and findings, but I ask that you do your own studies. I will personally not add anything on my blog I am not sure works, at least for me. :)

Please do your research and do not take these medicines in place of a official doctors diagnosis and prescription and consult with a doctor for any potential contraindications.

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